My Pledge

I am highly dedicated to providing top quality training in the areas of Self Defense, Entry Level Wilderness Survival, and Basic First Aid skills. Each client receives personal and professional attention. Through hard work and smart planning I will earn the respect of the community through instruction that will provide a better understanding of the world around us, as well as preparing my clients for the kinds of situations many citizens face on a daily basis. My reputation reflects the high standards I demand of myself, and I will pass that drive for perfection on to my clients in the form of outstanding training regimens.


Self Defense through Direct Action®

At Frontline Combatives, I cater to Martial Arts/athletes of all ages (over 16 with parental waiver) and experience levels with my wide variety of courses. 

I am mobile, and will come to you!

FLC is currently open for private and semi-private class sessions. These sessions will be held at a location of your choosing, for personal private and semi-private training.

Please note: THIS SYSTEM IS NOT FOR CHILDREN (anyone under the age of 16)